With a mission "To create and maintain a neighborhood landscape that is worthy of a premier community", the Landscape Committee Chair coordinates with the landscape service company and the Community Manager to oversee Lochmere's annual plant rotation, pruning, tree maintenance in common areas, parks and natural areas etc (i.e. anything that grows and is in the common area).  Different areas have varied maintenance plans depending on the classification of the green space (whether it is manicured or natural). 

The committee is looking for additional residents from the various areas of Lochmere who are interested in monitoring the common area grounds so that concerns can be quickly identified and promptly corrected.  If you walk, jog or bike through Lochmere and you would like to take a few minutes and report on the landscape in your part of Lochmere, you would be a great fit for the committee!  We need representation from all of the Lochmere neighborhoods!  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Committee Chairman, to serve as a representative from your area within Lochmere.

A few tips for maintaining the beauty of Lochmere:

  1. Please abide by the Town of Cary's Yard Waste Collection Program Guidelines for free, weekly disposal of yard waste.  Storm and yard debris MUST NOT be piled next to Lochmere's walking trails or on other Lochmere HOA Common Property.  Residents will be responsible for any fees generated by our landscape contractor associated with the removal of debris generated from private property.  
  2. The Town also provides a convenient service for fall leaf collection.  Read more about the program and check the curbside schedule as it becomes available HERE.    

In Spring 2012, the committee chose Brickman Landscaping and signed a 3-year contract with them to maintain the beauty of Lochmere's common area landscapes.  Brickman provides a dedicated crew that takes personal pride and ownership in all aspects of landscaping services including mowing, pruning, planting, etc.  Our Account Manager is Jon Delisle.   Brickman has been in business since 1939 and has over 160 branches serving 29 states.  See for more information about the company.

  2014 Accomplishments: seasonal flowers, Cutty Ct. screen plantings, park and playground landscaping upgrades, heavy pruning at Highlands Clubhouse, Birkhaven sewer line screening, tennis court screen plantings, Highlands Dr. trailhead shrub plantings, general tree work and storm cleanup, Summerwind island plantings, turf seeding

2015 Plans:  Lochmere Dr. and Loch Highlands screen gap renovation plantings, recreation areas drainage upgrades and landscape renovations, juniper removal and replacement along Penny Rd. berm, irrigation system repairs, general tree and flower maintenance


Current members of the Landscape Committee and their respective communities are: 

  Highlands Forest
 Andy Hiscock Highlands on the Bluffs
  Highlands on the Lakes
  Highlands West
  Lochview Fairways
  Lochview Fairwinds
  The Greens
  Hampton Park
  Lake Pointe
  Lochmere Forest
  Lochridge Lakeside
  Lochview South
Douglas Perschbacher Windsong
  Lochmere Village
  Lochside Glen
  Highlands Lake
  Loch Lomond
  Lochmere Lake