Our Community Services Sergeant, Officer Burgin, added the following:

It is true a white van in Cary was soliciting without a permit for yard work in communities near Ten-Ten Road. Thanks to the efforts of a concerned citizen, the van was located, stopped, and the passenger was ultimately arrested for an unrelated warrant involving a traffic charge.  The driver was identified and released from the scene without charges. Although there is information circulating about one of the occupants being a possible registered sex offender from Florida, there is no listing for that person in the NC State Sex Offender Registry. As your Police Department, we are satisfied with what we know at this point and do not believe these gentlemen to be a risk to public safety. We believe this is a case of two people who were soliciting business in our communities without the proper permits and thanks to proactive citizens like yourself, we were able to get them stopped. Both of them were informed about the ordinance requiring them to seek a permit from the Police Department before soliciting for business.

Our partnership with the community we serve is something we put great value in and together we work hard to keep our community safe. Citizens are often our “eyes and ears” in the community and we take pride in responding to their calls for service. We encourage our citizens to call us anytime they see something suspicious in their community, because if they believe it to be suspicious, it usually is to us as well. That vigilance is what keeps us a safe and vibrant community to live, work and raise a family.

This case highlights the importance of calling when you see something suspicious.  The non-emergency number is 919-469-4012.  As always, I continue to advertise our free home security assessment program.  If anyone is interested in that assessment (which, in part, we discuss how to deal with solicitors), please feel free to call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.me and we’ll get it on the calendar. 

Original Post

Regency residents reported to police a suspicious white utility van (license plate DAT-6791) with no windows. The van was seen for 5 days in the Regency neighborhood and was driven by two men, one white and one black. The men knocked on doors and also asked children if residents were home.

As you might have seen from the original Facebook post (see below) the Cary Police confirmed on 6/25/15 that:

  • One of the men affiliated with the van was arrested for unrelated outstanding warrants.
  • The other man was not arrested and had no warrants, but is a registered sex offender in Florida. Cary Police are following up further at this time.
  • Both men were advised not to return to Regency Communities.
  • If you have ANY first-hand information about these men speaking to children or any direct contact with the men, you need to immediately and personally notify Cary Police.

When we contacted the Cary Police about the informaiton that Crystal posted, Captain Tingen indicated the summary that Crystal had provided in the Facebook posting was a good one.

He also indicated that he knew some folks were disheartened that the police didn't arrest a registered sex offender. He said to contact him if you had any questions, but reminded us that the police can only arrest in the presence of probable cause of a crime being committed, and they didn't have that yet as it pertains to that particular person.  He indicated that could change later as they continue to investigate, but for now the police know who he is and how to find him so he'd be foolish to reoffend in Cary at this point.

Captain Tingen's contact information, along with that of our Community Services Sergeant, can be found on Lochmere's Community Watch page:  http://lochmere.org/community/community-watch/about-cm

For those that haven't seen the post, someone in Regency shared this on Facebook and it made it's way to the Young Families of Lochmere Facebook page, along with the Highlands Google Group. See: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153424040264948&set=a.258816309947.175966.502339947&type=1

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