2015 yard sale picture

Don’t miss the bargains of the year at the Annual Lochmere Community Yard Sale on Saturday, April 21, from 8AM-12 Noon in the Lochwood Pool Parking Lot (500 Lochmere Drive). 

A sample of what will be available:

  • Toys & Games
  • American Girl Doll & Barbie Accessories
  • Scrapbooking Items, Stamps, Fabric, Crafts Items
  • Baby/Children/ Adult – Clothing & Shoes
  • Jewelry/Watches
  • Vintage Millinery
  • Furniture
  • Bar Stools
  • Day Bed
  • Carpets
  • Household Items
  • Small Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Vintage Drafting Tools
  • Wakeboard/Water Skis/Tube (For Water Activities)
  • Golf Clubs
  • Wii Items
  • Antiques & Miscellaneous Estate Items
  • Books & DVD’s
  • Reptile Terrarium Kit

As you can see, there is something for everyone.   The weather is predicted to be perfect for buying and selling!

If you still would like to participate as a vendor, please visit HERE.

2016 road work ahead

Damaged sections of the Spring Hollow trail which connects to Lochmere Drive are being repaired over the next couple of weeks. There may be one section next week that will have no asphalt while work is carried out. Please avoid this section.

The Town of Cary is scheduled to repair some sink holes on the lower Spring Hollow trail. These repairs are because of a Town of Cary water pipe leak.

cars in driveway

In recent months we have received numerous calls and emails expressing concern about vehicles parking in the street.

The Lochmere covenants regarding parking in the street state: “No automobiles, trucks, tractors, boats, campers, or trailers shall be regularly parked within the right of way of any street in or adjacent to Lochmere.”

Although the streets in Lochmere are public, this Association covenant takes precedence over Town ordinances.

Almost every home has a two-car garage as well as parking for three or four cars in the driveway. There should not be a reason for homeowners to park in the street.

There are many reasons why parking in the street is not desirable.

  • Streets in Lochmere are fairly narrow and it is difficult and dangerous to pass parked vehicles.
  • Children can run out from behind parked vehicles and be hit by oncoming vehicles.
  • Residents have difficulty in backing out of the driveway when neighbor’s vehicles are parked on the street.
  • It detracts from the neighborhood.
  • The post office can have difficulty delivering mail when vehicles are parked too near mailboxes.
  • It makes it more difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate our streets when cars are parked there.
  • Sanitation and road cleaning trucks have a much harder job navigating our streets when vehicles are parked at the curb.

The Town of Cary ordinances are summarized below. Sec. 34-103.

  • No vehicle may be parked within 15 feet either way of a mailbox.
  • No vehicle may be parked within 15 feet of a stop sign.
  • No vehicle may be parked in front of a private driveway.
  • No trailers such as boat or utility trailers that are unhitched from a vehicle shall be left on the street.
  • No vehicles parked further than 12 inches from the curb.
  • No vehicles in cul-de-sacs may be parked straight on facing houses. 
  • No parking anywhere within 25 feet of any intersection.
  • No parking within a marked bicycle lane.
  • No parking on a street marked by a center line where the parked car may force a passing vehicle into the other lane.

All residents are asked to please abide by this covenant.