autumn leaves 1Starting November 6, the Town of Cary will collect loose leaves from all streets in the town. 

The Town will collect loose leaves three times from each street at no charge according to the Town of Cary Loose Leaf Collection Map and Schedule that can be viewed HERE

According to the schedule, Lochmere is in Zone 3 with the following collection dates:

  • First Pick-Up: November 13 to November 16
  • Second Pick-Up: December 7 to December 14  
  • Third Pick-Up: January 8 to January 14

Until that time, you can place leaves curbside in reusable containers or brown paper bags for weekly yard waste collection.  Better yet, you can shred the leaves and spread thin layers around your trees and shrubs.

For more information you can visit "Loose Leaf Collection" or phone them at 919-469-4090.

With the fall season upon us, copperheads have been frequently seen in the community incopperhead the cool mornings and evenings seeking warm pavement and sunny path locations.  

When you are out and about on the trails or doing yard work, please be mindful that snakes may be present.  And if you're out walking at night, be sure to take a flashlight to light your path.  In most cases these snakes  are more afraid of you and will move away.  However, if startled, they will possibly strike as a warning.

In your yard, make sure to mow closely around homes and outbuildings, and store firewood and lumber away from residences.  Better yet, don't have a wood pile.  Reduce mulch layers around shrubs to about 2 to 3 inches in depth to discourage small animals.  Close cracks and crevices in buildings and around pipes and utility connections with 1/4-inch mesh hardware cloth, mortar or sheet metal.  All doors and windows should have tightly fitting screens. 

10 30 16 Halloween parade picture 2

Lochmere's annual Halloween Costume Parade and Party for Lochmere children (and grandchildren) ages 10 & under is being held at the Lochwood Pool upper parking lot (NOTE: THIS IS A NEW LOCATION) on Sunday, October 29, from 3-5PM, rain or shine. There will be the traditional parade of costumes as well as games and activities. And you never what surprises might be up our sleeves for a fun-filled afternoon.

  • 3:00-3:45 PM ---- Parade Of Costumes
  • 3:30-5:00 PM ---- Face Painting, Games, Treats

Lynne Fischer will be on hand for her creative face painting. The children will be playing ghost bowling and a witch hat ring toss. There will be a station where the children can decorate a pumpkin (not a real pumpkin .. it's a refrigerator magnet or window hanging) or a mask to take home . Refreshments will be served and there will be goodie bags for the children. 

So kids, don't delay .. start thinking of what you want to dress up as! For planning purposes, please RSVP HERE by Thursday, October 26, and let us know how many from your family will be attending.

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