road work ahead


We are sure you have noticed the digging which is going on along Lochmere Drive and adjacent streets. And many of us have markings on our property (to let contractors know where underground utilities are).

Last week all affected properties received a notice on their door. The notice went as follows: 

“AT&T will be working in your neighborhood in the coming weeks. Here is what you can expect:

  • We may need access to our network located in easements or public rights of way.
  • We will do our best to minimize disruptions.
  • We will remedy any disorder to your landscape if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Ansco & Associates at 1-877-245-6660.” 

Please be mindful of the workers and drive slowly in the affected areas. 

The Lochmere HOA is not notified when this type of work is taking place (start and end dates as well as other pertinent information).  This work is being done in the right-of-way.   Homeowners need to contact Ansco & Associates directly with any questions or concerns.

The Facilities Committee would like to update the community on the replacement playgrounds project(s).

Highlands Bonniewood & Lochwood playgrounds have been completed and are ready for your enjoyment.


2 12 19 Lochwood playground(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

Depending on the weather this week, the crew should begin working on the Lochside playground. 

Locations of the 6 playgrounds are as follows:

  • Bonniewood Playground -- This playground is a short walk up a paved trail from Bonniewood Drive near Greymist Lane.
  • Highlands Pool Playground -- This playground is next to the Highlands pool and clubhouse facility located at 200 Loch Highlands Drive.
  • Lochwood Pool Playground -- This playground is located next to the Lochwood pools and tennis courts at 500 Lochmere Drive.
  • Lochwood West Playground -- This playground is easily accessed from various trails on Lochwood West Drive & Lochmere Drive.
  • Lochside Playground -- This playground is accessed from various trails leading off Lochside Drive & Lochfield Drive.
  • Ann Brunswick Park Playground -- The playground is accessed via trails and sidewalks leading from Lochmere Drive below Lake Lochmere. 

For more information about each specific playground, please visit HERE.

 The Committee hopes that these new playgrounds will attract more Lochmere families onto the trails and discover these newly renovated attractions.

 This year the Committee will begin to look at the Ann Brunswick Park playground for replacement in 2020.

Radar Sign Installed Photo 2019 2 7

The Ad Hoc Highlands Traffic Committee would like to announce that the two long-awaited radar speed signs were installed on February 7 on Loch Highlands Drive.

These signs were purchased and installed by Town of Cary.  The Town will collect speed and volume data and then compare the data with the information they collected in prior years to see if the radar signs are having the desired affect of slowing vehicles down.

 Any comments should be directed to the committee by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.