Important Notice


All pools will close this evening (June 3) at 7:30 PM.

We just received notice from AMG that because of Raleigh's  8PM to 5AM curfew, all of their managed pools will close early in order to allow their staff to reach their homes safely.  

We will continue to monitor schedules for future dates and communicate any changes to you. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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Lochwood Pools open on Wednesday, June 3, and the Highlands pool opens on Thursday, June 4. It is what we have been waiting to hear!

Keeping in mind that we are required to follow guidelines, restrictions and protocols as outlined by the Governor, the NCDHHS, and the CDC, we ask that staff, management, and residents all work together to allow for a safe and enjoyable season.

The following are many important documents.

You must review the Pool Addendum before coming to the pools. It includes guidelines and information which need to be followed very closely.

Please click on to the link for each document:

While we want everyone to enjoy their time at the pools, one of our goals is to keep everyone safe and healthy. To accomplish this, we will need everyone to be respectful of others and our new procedures.

  •  At this time, usage of the facilities will be limited to those who reside in your home. Family and friends who live outside of Lochmere will not be allowed at the facilities.
  • To come to the pool, you will need a reservation. Wak-up will not be accommodated.
  • Reservations are in 2-hour or 3-hour slots with a 60-minute cleaning period.
  • At the end of each time slot, all residents will need to leave the facility and AMG will properly clean all touch points, furniture, and bathrooms.
  • Furniture will be spaced to allow for social distancing and cannot be moved. If you want to bring your own furniture, feel free to do so while maintaining social distancing.

For those who are wondering, yes there will be a Lochmere Swim Team this year. However, just like the pools, it will have a completely different look. The coaches and Gail have been (and will continue to) working very hard to make sure our swimmers have fun this summer while still following the restrictions. Look for an email soon with details.

Important Notice


North Carolina's’s weather is perfect to spend outside. Most importantly, wherever you go: Social distancing means that you should stay at least six feet away from other people.

Spending time outdoors and exercising are important. It helps to maintain both physical and mental health.

  • If you are walking or jogging around Loch Lomond, remember, no bikes, scooters, skateboards, or skates are allowed and dogs must be leashed.
  • If you are walking or jogging along Lochmere Drive or Loch Highlands Drive, please do so on the sidewalks. According to North Carolina law, where sidewalks are provided, bike lanes are restricted to bike usage only .
  • Bikers should ride with the flow of traffic.  Be very careful if your children are riding with you.
  • When in your car, be aware that that there is an increase in both foot and bike traffic.
  • Remember that the Lochmere Golf course is a semi-private entity with no affiliation to Lochmere Association.  Bikers and walkers should not use the cart paths around the course.

Lochmere is home to approximately 10 miles of trails. This is a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Lochmere.  All trails (with the exception of the one around Loch Lomond) can be enjoyed either on foot or on bikes. If you are riding a bike, please be careful of foot traffic. If you are unfamiliar with the trails, you can access a copy HERE (you must be logged in to do so).

Cary Police have asked us to pass along the latest directives regarding the Stay-at-Home order in Wake County. Cary Police have been told by Wake County Emergency Management that no gatherings of any size are permitted- public or private. That means all gatherings at tennis courts and basketball courts as well as at the boat ramp area, at either of the pool parking lots, at Ann Brunswick Park, or at areas by the ponds will be broken up and the involved persons will be asked to leave. This goes for child playdates, walks with your neighbor, and any other gatherings of persons not of the same household.  Cary Police will be strictly enforcing the Wake County Proclamation restrictions.

Updated COVID-19 information can always be found on the home page of

Enjoy spending more time with your children, get to know your neighbors better (even if it is at a distance), and stay safe and healthy.

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