house pictureWe love Lochmere's open spaces... our warm and inviting neighborhoods.  After all, we're warm and inviting ourselves, right?  Sometimes however, for privacy or for the safety of our young children, homeowners may wish to enclose or semi-enclose some of the space in their backyards.

It's no wonder that fencing or screening requests are one of the most often-requested changes that homeowners submit to our Architecture Committee (AC).  Homeowners need to be fully informed as they plan a fencing project.  It's very important that all fence installations MUST be approved in writing prior to installation in order to avoid what may be a significant expense associated with removing, changing, or moving a fence that is not approved.  The AC must approve several aspects of a fence proposal, including the design, the material used to construct the fence, and the location of the fence on the property.

Each fence is considered by the AC on its own merits, based on current Lochmere Architectural Standards and Specifications ("LASS") guidelines.  Here are just a few of the general specifications from the LASS, Annex A:

  1. Live plantings are preferred, but wood is often chosen as the material of choice.
  2. Fencing must be no more than 5 feet high and have the "good side" facing out.  i.e. No rails to the exterior of the yard.
  3. AC requests must include material and color / stain samples, and landscaping or screening plans for obscuring the fence from a view from the street.
  4. All fences shall have a decorative top (scalloped or rainbow, but not flat).
  5. There are specific published fence setbacks from lakes and ponds, the golf course, and any street, right of way or active greenway.
  6. Plot plans must be included with each request for fencing, including the placement and length of the proposed fence sections and all distances from the closest point to any adjacent lot lines.

As always, full guidance regarding any change, along with all the requirements for submitting an AC request can be found HERE online (or see a printed copy at the clubhouse) in the LASS.  Questions should be directed to Andy Siouville at the main office.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919.233/7640.