Foxes and coyotes have recently been sighted in Lochmere. Foxes and coyotes are becoming a more common sight in neighborhoods around the Triangle, not just Lochmere. It is also not unusual to see them out during the day.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission has published much information about NC's wildlife. Please read this information HERE to become better educated about our state's wildlife and its habitat.


Coyotes, foxes, and other wildlife are being pushed back to areas like ours since other habitats are being destroyed through development and because of our mature neighborhood.  They are adapting to seeing people and cars around and are generally harmless. 

You should not engage any wild animal; yet, you should be respectful of their presence in our neighborhood.  And it is not a good idea to leave your cats and small dogs outside unattended.  However, if you see a wild animal exhibiting the following behavior, you should notify Cary Animal Control immediately at (919)319-4517. 

  • A drunken or loopy walk.
  • Inability to stand without falling down.
  • Foaming around the mouth.
  • Aggressive behavior toward humans or dogs.

If anyone has a concern that a fox, coyote or any animal may be a danger, please contact the Cary Animal Control at (919) 319-4517.

If an animal on your property is causing property damage or is acting aggressively, then it may be possible for a licensed trapper to be engaged by the homeowner. The fact that a fox or coyote or any other wildlife is on your property is not cause to trap the animal. Please note that it is illegal to relocate foxes and coyotes in NC.