cat and dogIf a dog or cat joined your family over the holiday season, please remember that they must be leashed at all times when outside your property per Town of Cary leash Ordinance.  Cats and dogs four months or older in age must be vaccinated and display a Town Of Cary Pet I.D. Tag.

Please click HERE for more information from the Town of Cary regarding all pets.

Also, please remember to clean up after your pet when out and about. Bring a plastic bag with you just in case. There are 11 dog waste stations throughout Lochmere next to the trails also.

poop scoop

Pet owners are required to pick up their pet’s waste. Pet waste is not only unsightly, it is also harmful to the environment. Pet waste can impact water quality through the excess nutrients and bacteria which can be washed into our streams during rain events. Contamination of streams can affect algae blooms and be harmful to people wading and playing in the stream. Picking up after your pet is the neighborly thing to do; it’s also the healthy thing for you to do, for you and the environment.

 Any questions or concerns regarding the Lochmere community should be directed to our on-site Community Manager Andy Siouville at 919-233-7640 or his direct email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..