Assessment Reminder

Last November all Lochmere residents received their assessment notice for 2018.  The assessments were due in full in January.  Please note that late payments (those received after January 31, 2018) will incur late fees. 

Payments cannot be processed at the Lochmere or HRW Raleigh Offices. They must be made directly to the processing center address noted on your statement (Lochmere Association, c/o HRW, PO Box 11904, Newark, NJ 07101-9104).

All questions should be directed to Lochmere's On-Site Community Manager, Andy Siouville, either via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the office phone at 919-233-7640.

clubhouse with daffodils


The Highlands clubhouse was scheduled to be refurbished during the last two weeks of February and all of March.  Due to circumstances beyond our control that has now changed to October and November.

We apologize to those who wanted to reserve the Highlands Clubhouse in March but could not due to the proposed renovations.  Although we have reached out to as many of those as we can, please let the Lochmere office know if you would like to reserve at the end of February or in March.

The Recreation Committee is very excited that the  HOA Board approved the renovations to our very outdated clubhouse.   Renovation costs are covered through our Reserve funds.


With January's snow coupled with cold temperatures, not many of us are thinking about getting in the pool or sitting on the deck visiting with friends and neighbors.  But before we know it, Mother's Day will be here and we will be looking forward to some fun times in the sun!

 Lochmere welcomes back Aquatic Management Group (AMG) to manage all Lochmere pools for the 2018 season.

They have begun hiring for pool staff and would very much like to interview any Lochmere residents who may be interested in working for them.

Please note, Lochmere HOA has no involvement in the hiring or supervision of anyone hired by AMG.  Individuals will be employees of AMG.

Anyone interested should contact them via phone at 919-600-4117 or via email at

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