Pool Hours 

Opening day at the Recreation Club of Lochmere is traditionally Mothers' Day.  While Wake County traditional schools are in session, we operate on a modified schedule.  Once school is out for the summer, we are open for you to swim, relax, and enjoy time with your friends from early morning through the evening.  Our operating schedule for 2017 is as follows:

  In-Season Hours (6/10-8/26)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool Highlands Pool

6AM – 8AM &


11AM-8PM 12 Noon-8PM

6AM – 8AM &


11AM-9PM 12 Noon-8PM
Saturdays 10AM-8PM 11AM-9PM 12Noon-8PM
Sundays 12 Noon -8PM 12 Noon-8PM 12 Noon-8PM


(1) On Tuesday, June 6, the Main Pool will be open for Swim Team Time Trials only.

(2)We have 3 home swim meets during the season.  On June 13, July 5, and July 18, the Lochwood Main Pool will close to the general membership at 3:50 PM to allow for set-up and running of the meet.  On those 3 evenings the Lap Pool and the Highlands Pool are open for your enjoyment.  No Swim Team members will be allowed to use those pools during that time.  Inclement weather make-up dates are the next day.

(3) During afternoon (4:30-7:00 PM) swim team practice (May 22-July 19), Main Pool shallow end and diving well are open for all residents. During peak attendance, lanes 9&10 will be available for lap swimming as needed.  The Lap Pool and Highlands Pool are also available during that time.

(4) All Pools close at 6:00 PM on July 4.

(5) Early Morning Lap Swim is for Lochmere residents 18 & older. No guests are allowed.  Residents are required to sign in upon entering the facility.

Post-Season Hours (8/27-9/10)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool

Highlands Pool

(Closes 9/4)

Mondays-Thursdays Closed 4-7PM Closed
Fridays Closed 4-8PM
Saturdays 10AM-8PM 11AM-8PM 12-8P
Sundays 12 Noon-7PM 12 Noon-7PM 12-7P

Labor Day Weekend Hours (9/02, 9/03, 9/04)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool Highlands Pool
Saturday (September 2) 10AM-8PM 11AM-8PM 12Noon-8PM
Sunday(September 3) 12 Noon-7PM 12Noon-7PM 12Noon-7PM
Monday (September 4) 11AM-7PM 11AM-7PM 12 Noon-7PM

(Lochwood Pool Will Be Open 9/16, 9/17, 9/23, 9/24)

Day Lap Pool Main Pool Highlands Pool
Mondays-Fridays Closed Closed Closed
Saturday (September 16 & 23) Closed 11AM-8PM Closed
Sunday (September 17 & 24) Closed 12Noon-7PM Closed

Pool Hours

Wed Jun 28 @ 9:00AM - 08:00PM
Lochwood Lap Pool
Wed Jun 28 @11:00AM - 08:00PM
Lochwood Main Pool
Wed Jun 28 @12:00PM - 08:00PM
Highlands Pool
Thu Jun 29 @ 6:00AM - 08:00AM
Early Morning Lap Swimming At Lochwood Lap Pool
Thu Jun 29 @ 9:00AM - 08:00PM
Lochwood Lap Pool
Thu Jun 29 @11:00AM - 08:00PM
Lochwood Main Pool