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This is a reminder for current tennis ball machine subscribers that if you wish to continue using the ball machine, you will need to renew for 2019. 

While there are many organized clinics for adults at all levels, Lochmere has a Tennis Ball Machine which is available for members only.  The rental cost is $125 per year for Family usage or $75 per year for Singles usage.   Memberships must be purchased at the Lochmere Main Office at 502 Lochmere Drive.  

Lochwood Court #4 is the designated court for the tennis ball machine.  There is an electric outlet available adjacent to the court.  Tennis ball machine reservations and usage are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 2018 Dave Polvino Tournament C


Between the ladies tournament, the mixed doubles social, and the men’s tournament, the 7th annual Dave Polvino Heart-Health Awareness Tennis events raised $3291 for the WakeMed Cary Hospital Cardiac Rehab Center. Thanks to the generosity of those who participated and those who donated, the center will be able to upgrade equipment and expand its library. Just as importantly, due to the various presentations and talks given and the general awareness raised, our Lochmere community should be a bit healthier and better prepared both to prevent and manage heart disease in the coming year.


2018 dave polvino tournament B


The Events

 The weekend of events kicked off with a mixed doubles social on Friday night, November 16.   Over 40 souls braved the somewhat chilly conditions for a brisk night of mixed doubles. Over 60 were on hand for the potluck social at Debbie Polvino’s house. Our thanks go out to Debbie for hosting this event and to Pam Gilbert for organizing the mixed doubles.

By Saturday afternoon the conditions were ideal for the men’s tournament with clear skies and temperatures in the upper 50’s. (Our special thanks to the rain gods for getting all that nasty rain out of their systems earlier in the week). As usual all 32 slots were filled, and some highly competitive tennis was on display. Then on Monday the ladies returned to the courts for their tournament where once again the tennis was at a high level and the camaraderie even higher.    

Tournament Results

Men’s tournament:

  • Winners -- The 7.5 team of Patrick Newsome and Ryan Griffin went 5-0 on the afternoon, winning a tight finals match 7-5. As well as having their names inscribed on the Polvino Cup, Patrick and Ryan received individual trophies, gift cards to Omega Sports, and the privilege of adding their autographs to the official tournament banner.
  • Runners-up – The 7.5 team of Scott Riley and Eric Weber finished with a 4-1 record, losing only in that exciting match in the finals.
  • Semi-finalists -- In addition to the above two teams, we had two other pairs qualify for the semi-finals based on going undefeated in the three preliminary rounds: the 7.5 team of Chris Betz and Charlie Newsome and the 8.0 team of Steven Gloer and Santiago Rodao-Ceullo. Both semi-finals matches were tightly contested.
  • Special recognition goes out to the team of Jonathan Chang and Trevor Judd who also went undefeated in the preliminary rounds but just missed out on advancing to the semi-finals due to the tie-breaker system. Along with the four semi-finalist teams, they received tennis-related prizes for their winning efforts. As an added bonus, Trevor took home the prize for the most aces during the round-robin phase.

2018 dave polvino tournament A


Ladies’ Tournament:

While the men’s tournament utilized a handicap system to balance the competition, the ladies’ event divided the players into 4.0 and 3.5 brackets. Congrats to the winners in each category:

  • 4.0 bracket: Bev Broslawsky and Barb Reichelt
  • 3.5 bracket: Stacy Rank and Cora Darrah

2018 dave polvino tournament E

 Special Thanks

The following folks deserve special thanks: 1) Rick Ballou, Debbie Polvino, Pam Gilbert, and Bill Wisdom for organizing this year’s events and Debbie in particular for also putting together and hosting the potluck dinner; 2) Dr. David Outlaw and Dr. Balavari for their presentations on heart-health at the potluck dinner and to Jeanie Chang for her talk at the women’s event; 3) Pam Gilbert, Michel Haddad, and Diane Smith for getting the facilities in order, being on hand throughout the events, and also donating free tennis lessons as raffle prizes 4) Gail Lewis for keeping the Lochmere website updated with announcements about the various events 5) Arthur Gloer and Bert Clancey, who served as alternates for the men’s event 6) Micki Selingsohn, Barb LeBlanc, Elly Siggins, Pam Gloer, Julie Barnhart, and Sharon Paye who each donated prizes for the ladies’ tournament raffle.

We are also grateful to Amedeo’s Restaurant for donating the lunch for the ladies’ tournament and to Omega Sports and Oaklyn Brewery who provided prizes for both the men’s and women’s events.


Appreciation goes out as well to all those individuals who contributed to the donation box and to Western Wake Tennis Association for making a contribution of $200. Since the decision was made by the organizers to donate all the entry fees as well as proceeds from the purchase of “mulligan” bands and raffle tickets, a total of $3291 was raised for the WakeMed Cary Hospital Cardiac Rehab Center, yet another new record for the event. The center will use the funds to add new equipment and expand their library.

Remember . . .

2018 Dave Polvino Tournament D

Whether you attended any of the three events or not, please remember to take care of your hearts by eating healthily, exercising regularly, getting annual physicals, and managing your stress. And if you have any symptoms or history of heart disease in your family, follow your doctor’s orders. Taking care of your own heart is one effective way to honor the memories of Dave Polvino, Bill Newton, and other friends and loved ones lost to coronary disease. And it is the primary reason these events are held each year.

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Please remember that no activities outside of tennis are allowed on the tennis courts.  This policy is especially the case for skateboardings which greatly deteriorates the courts.  The tennis courts are very expensive to resurface and this can be easily prevented.  This policy affects everyone in Lochmere, whether or not you are a tennis player, as we all pay to have the courts repaired.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Would you like to play tennis at the Lochmere courts?  The easiest way to guarantee access is to reserve a court.  Log onto the Lochmere website ( and reserve a court at least 24 hours before you plan on playing.  As a Lochmere resident, you can use the courts at any time without reserving a court, as long as there is an open court that has not been reserved.  However, reserving a court will insure that you have the tennis court for the time period you have specified.