heart awareness


Mark your calendars -- the date of the 8th annual Dave Polvino Heart-Health Awareness Tennis Event hosted by Lochmere will be held on at the Lochwood courts on Saturday, November 23rd. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, which has traditionally been the time we hold the event.

This year’s event is being organized by Rick Ballou, Pam Gilbert, David Outlaw, Debbie Polvino, and Bill Wisdom.

This year's edition will bigger than ever, including not only the traditional men's doubles tournament and mixed doubles social/potluck dinner (with a presentation on heart-health) on the weekend, but for the third year in a row a separate women's doubles tournament will also be held

Watch for updates with more details and how to officially sign up.  But for now make sure to save the following dates:

  • Friday evening, November 22nd -- mixed doubles social
  • Saturday afternoon, November 23rd -- men's doubles tournament

Since the event is scheduled for late November, there is plenty of time for you to schedule your annual physical before the tournament.  And while you're there be sure to ask your doctor if a coronary calcium scan would be right for you.  If you have already been identified as moderate risk for heart disease or if you have a family history, this simple ten-minute procedure can catch early signs of artery plaque well before symptoms have emerged.

We look forward to a heart-healthy fall tennis season and to another successful tournament this year.

Please remember that no activities outside of tennis are allowed on the tennis courts.  This policy is especially the case for skateboardings which greatly deteriorates the courts.  The tennis courts are very expensive to resurface and this can be easily prevented.  This policy affects everyone in Lochmere, whether or not you are a tennis player, as we all pay to have the courts repaired.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Would you like to play tennis at the Lochmere courts?  The easiest way to guarantee access is to reserve a court.  Log onto the Lochmere website (www.lochmere.org) and reserve a court at least 24 hours before you plan on playing.  As a Lochmere resident, you can use the courts at any time without reserving a court, as long as there is an open court that has not been reserved.  However, reserving a court will insure that you have the tennis court for the time period you have specified.