junior tennis


Participation in this winter's Junior Tennis Clinics was very successful.  Everyone had lots of fun and learned loads of tennis.   Why not take this opportunity to enroll your children in the March/April/May/June Spring Junior Tennis Clinics at the Lochwood Tennis Courts. 

Pam Gilbert, Lochmere's Tennis Director, and her staff are ready to meet your children and show them how much fun tennis really is. 

Clinics will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Saturday mornings.

The registration fee for each 4-week session (4 sessions each month on either Tuesdays or Thursdays) is $60 for residents and $70 for non-residents.

Please read the following guidelines to register for the Spring sessions (this is a new procedure):

  1. You Must sign up on Sign-Up Genius HERE (for weekdays) and HERE (for Saturdays).
  2. You Must submit the required registration form (can be found by clicking on the Youth Tennis page as well as on Sign-Up Genius page) at least 72 hours prior to start of session along with payment.  Checks only please, made payable to Lochmere Association.
  3. If there is a wait list, Pam will attempt to form a new class.

Please remember that no activities outside of tennis are allowed on the tennis courts.  This policy is especially the case for skateboardings which greatly deteriorates the courts.  The tennis courts are very expensive to resurface and this can be easily prevented.  This policy affects everyone in Lochmere, whether or not you are a tennis player, as we all pay to have the courts repaired.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Would you like to play tennis at the Lochmere courts?  The easiest way to guarantee access is to reserve a court.  Log onto the Lochmere website (www.lochmere.org) and reserve a court at least 24 hours before you plan on playing.  As a Lochmere resident, you can use the courts at any time without reserving a court, as long as there is an open court that has not been reserved.  However, reserving a court will insure that you have the tennis court for the time period you have specified.