We wanted to remind everyone of the Town of Cary Solicitor Ordinance and also relay some information we received from the Cary Police on the topic.

Members of the Lochmere Community Watch do monitor nextdoor.com and other community groups for information that might be helpful for our community. With any information we receive or hear about, we first contact our representatives at the Cary Police before we sent out any information. We want to validate any urgent crime/safety matters with the Cary Police and then forward accurate information to residents. The Cary Police recommends this method.

The District 3 Commander would like to remind everyone of the following:

...we have concerns from time-to-time about people who go door-to-door conducting business without having obtained the appropriate Town of Cary Soliciting Permit. Many of the folks who go door-to-door without the permit do so because they either can’t pass our background check, or they are up to no good from the start. Within just the last few weeks a crew making rounds as an unlicensed tree service stole property from someone’s front porch in the Lochmere area.

A few exceptions to the TOC permit requirement include those who may be visiting to share political, social, or religious information, children who are fundraising for school, selling Girl Scout cookies and such, and non-profits who receive no compensation for their efforts.

The part we love most about Community Watch is the connection and the relationships it builds among neighbors. The more friendly eyes and ears we have in a community, and the more communication we have between the community and the police, the more likely it will be that someone speaks up when something doesn’t look right. We hope everyone will feel comfortable calling the police department, and I’ll do my best to keep you all informed when we see crime trends, or even single incidents, that may be of importance for your community.

A copy of the Town's Solicitor Ordinance, along with an example copy of a permit, can be found on the main Community Watch page: http://lochmere.org/community/community-watch/about-cm. Contact information for the police can also be found on that page.