leaves and rake

 Curbside loose leaf collection is 1/3 complete in Lochmere. The Town of Cary will make the second of three scheduled stops in Lochmere between December 9 and December 17. There will be a third collection from January 19 to January 24.

As you prepare your leaves for pick-up, the Town of Cary has provided the following tips to ensure your leaves are collected and to help keep our streets and crews safe during the program:

  • Keep leaves along the curb and out of the roadway.
  • Avoid placing leaves on sidewalks, meter boxes, sewer clean outs and storm drains.
  • Place leaves away from fire hydrants and mail boxes.
  • Park vehicles a safe distance from your leaves so they are accessible for pick up. 
  • Keep trash, large stones, and other debris out of the leaf piles.
  • Place loose leaves curbside by 7 a.m. on the first scheduled day of collection for your area.  The Town of Cary trucks will come by your street once during each collection period, and it could be at the start or end of that time frame.

Please refrain from blowing or raking leaves on to Lochmere traffic islands.  The Town of Cary will not remove leaves from these islands.  Leaves should be put on your property and not directly in the street.

You may see the Town of Cary trucks on your street early as they prepare for their routes.  Don't worry, they will return as scheduled to collect your leaves.

 At any time during the year, leaves in reusable containers or paper bags can be placed curbside for regular yard waste collection or taken to the Citizen’s Convenience Center, 313 N. Dixon Avenue, at no charge.

For more, including the collection map and schedule, search HERE (just type in your address in the Search box) or call 311.

Lochside Trees


The Lochmere Landscape Committee is happy to announce that The Town of Cary has approved a landscape project on Lochside Drive between Coltsgate Drive and Fox Briar Lane toward Cary Parkway.

Lochside Landscape Project

(Click On Image To Enlarge)

This plan is to remove old Leyland Cypress trees along both sides of the street, and to replant with Arborvitaes. Please be careful when driving or walking along this section of Lochside Drive during the project.

Work is expected to begin the week of November 30 but is subject to change. 

Questions may be directed to Community Manager, Andy Siouville, at (919)233-7640 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

holiday door decoration


One of the joys of the holiday season is driving or walking through Lochmere neighborhoods to enjoy the festive lights and decorations on front lawns and doors, in windows and even on mailboxes.

Just as with Thanksgiving this year, this holiday season will be different from what we are normally used to. The restrictions in place will prohibit our annual Holiday flotilla along with caroling at the dock and the popular Quintet.

To keep the holiday spirit alive, Lochmere is hosting a Lochmere Decorating Contest. Gather your family and create a lighting display or decorate the outside of your house. This will be a People’s Choice contest. After looking at the houses, you will be able to vote for your favorites. These are the important facts:

(1) There will be 3 categories for you to choose from (you can participate in only 1 category):

  • Best lighting display
  • Best traditional display
  • Best doorway or mailbox display

(2) Register on Sign-Up Genius HERE no later than December 5. Don't forget that each residence will be allowed to enter in one (1) category only.

(3) All participating houses must be decorated by December 13.

(4) Judging will start on December 14 and end on December 20. Participating houses must leave their lights on from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM on those dates.

(5) A list of participating houses along with their addresses and category entered will be posted on lochmere.org.

(6) After enjoying the festive displays, you will be able to electronically vote for your choices.

  • Best lighting display
  • Best traditional display
  • Best doorway or mailbox display
  • Best all-around display

Voting opens at 6:00 PM on December 14 and closes at 12 Midnight on December 20.

(8) Votes will be tabulated and 1st place and Honorable Mention prizes will be awarded to the two homes in each category which receive the most votes.

holiday light house decorations

Don’t delay – show your friends and neighbors how festive and creative you can be.

All questions should be directed to Gail Lewis, Lochmere’s Program Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.