Loch Lomond Video Image August 2020


The Lochmere Board of Directors is happy to announce that the long-awaited Loch Lomond dredge project is set to begin on August 31,2020.

 A presentation in the form of slides along with audio is available HERE.



The Loch Lomond dredge project continues to move forward.  The contractor has been able to directly load sediment that was dry enough to be hauled off site without having to stage it and wait for drying.  As more wet material is encountered, it may need to be contained on land in corrals to allow drying to take place.

We estimate approximately 1,800 CY of material has been hauled off site so far with a target amount of 3,800 CY. 

In addition to the dredging, some maintenance work has been done to remove debris around the lake as well as to reset the rip rap.  Repairs have been made to the wood footbridge.  It will be finished and stained later in November or early December.  The north section of the trail near the bridge will be closed soon while pipes under the trail are replaced.

Please obey all signage and do not enter areas where work is taking place.


11 4 2020 loch lomond dredge

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As many of you have noticed, Loch Lomond lake level has been drawn down to the desired level to enable our contractor to dredge part of the lake and to allow exposed sediment to dry out.  Thankfully we have had some nice dry and warm weather.

 10 8 2020 loch lomond dredge picture

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Unless additional rainfall causes the lake level to rise, we don’t anticipate lowering the lake any more.

Additional updates:

  1. The contractor has installed the storm drain extension on the trail leading to the lake and is creating the base for the access trail.
  2. The contractor will proof roll the subgrade prior to installation of the proposed fabric and ABC stone.
  3. Once proof roll has been conducted and any soft spots repaired, they will move forward installing the proposed fabric and ABC stone.
  4. They will start dredging the Lake and stockpiling the material in corrals hopefully by the end of next week.
  5. The concrete riser near the dam will be power washed this Saturday. Please be careful when walking by this area. 
  6. A contractor is in the process of picking up logs and debris around the lake as well as picking up and resetting rip rap.



The Loch Lomond dredge project is moving along.  The contractor has been slowly pumping down the lake to expose the silted-in areas.  Our recent heavy rains has slowed the process down slightly. 

Loch Lomond Lake Draw Down 2020 9 25(Click On Image To Enlarge)

The access route to the lake from Loch Haven is being worked on, with the contractor removing some sections of asphalt trail leading to the lake.  This is in order to create a much more solid base for equipment to access the area while protecting the existing sewer easement alongside. A few remaining large trees will be removed next week.

Please remember to not enter the work zone even if the contractor is not working.


We are happy to report that the Loch Lomond dredge project started as scheduled on August 31. This week the tree protection fence and silt fence were installed. Town of Cary has inspected these and our grading permit has been issued to move forward.

9 3 2020 Loch Lomond Dredging Picture(Click On Image To Enlarge)

As a reminder, our contractor is asking for residents to not enter the work zone. They have had a few people somehow go around the fencing. This is dangerous and not permitted.


Any questions or concerns should be directed to Lochmere's Community Manager, Andy Siouville, at 919-233-7640 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..