We in Lochmere are fortunate to have approximately 10 miles of private greenway trails. During Covid-19 our trails have been busier than ever. Many of us are out enjoying the natural beauty of our neighborhood.

These trails as well as the streets in Lochmere have become very popular for residents to walk their dogs. With everyone’s cooperation, this can be a safe and enjoyable time for you as well as your dogs.

Please remember:

  • The Town of Cary requires that all dogs be on a leash if they are not on their owner’s property. This is for the safety of your own dog and also helps put other people and dogs around you at ease.
  • Dogs should be kept on a short leash. Use a 6-foot maximum leash length as a guide.
  • Even the best-behaved dogs are curious by nature. Even if your dog is on a leash, please keep them on the greenway path and do not let them wander on to another resident’s property. They could easily scare children or antagonize a dog on its own property.
  • Don’t let your dog interact with another dog without mutual approval – Ask permission first!
  • When walking around Loch Lomond, make sure your dog is leashed and under control. Dogs love to chase water fowl, but we want to keep the swans, ducks, and geese safe.
  • Clean up after your dog. We have 11 dog stations throughout the community. Let’s keep Lochmere free of dog waste.

Spring weather means that we open windows to bring the fresh air, pollen, and the relaxing sounds of nature into our house. All dogs bark. It is their way of getting your attention. However, as a good neighbor, your job is to keep the barking to a bare minimum. Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise. Many times dogs bark because they are bored.

For everyone’s safety, make sure your dog is up-to-date on all shots so that your dog and others remain healthy when they come into contact with each other.

The Town of Cary’s website has a dedicated page with information regarding all restrictions and guidelines for pets. To view this information, please visit HERE.

Lochmere Association has no authority to enforce the Town’s ordinances. For more information or to report an issue, please contact Town of Cary Animal Services at (919) 319-4517.