road work ahead


We have been notified that the Town of Cary will be doing work on some streets in Lochmere Highlands.  

They will be applying asphalt rejuvenator to streets within Lochmere Highlands either later this week or into next. Rejuvenator is a preventative maintenance product that is applied to streets to extend the life of pavement. It adds some of the chemicals and properties lost in asphalt due to hot production, weather, and age. They relate it to putting lotion on your skin. They typically apply rejuvenator 2 years after paving, so that lines up with streets in Lochmere Highlands which were paved in 2019.

More information can be found HERE.

Residents will see signage and receive mailbox hangers. The biggest concern they typically hear is about tracking on to driveways. If the product does get on driveways, it will wear off in 3-5 weeks.

All questions, concerns, and comments should be directed toward the Company doing the work as noted in the above link.