Lochmere today consists of 1966 households divided into 24 subdivisions. The subdivisions give a small neighborhood feel while being part of the larger community of Lochmere offers benefits that would be costly for a smaller association to maintain.

Properties range from townhomes and cluster homes, where the grounds are maintained by the community association, to large million dollar plus lakefront homes. Most homes fall in the $400,00 to $650,000 range.

Lochmere Master Association assessments are set at $656 per year for 2021.  Sub Associations within Lochmere may have additional assessments.

Lochmere Master assessments cover landscaping and maintenance on the common areas and elements, insurnace on the common elements, maintenance and access to the tennis courts, swim pools, clubhouse, trails, lakes, & playgrounds.

There are eight (8) sub associations within Lochmere. 

Attachment A below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Lochmere community. 

Attachment B  is the Lochmere Community Map showing all areas within the Association.  The public is welcome to use this map when searching for a property to purchase within the community.