Michel Haddad, Lochmere's Tennis Director, and his staff are ready to meet you.  They have a variety of Adult Clinics and Drills scheduled throughout the year.  Clinics will consist of stroke production and drills, doubles strategy and singles strategy and drills. 



The following clinics will be offered during the winter months in preparation for spring tennis (Click the associated link for details and to register): 

  • 2.5/3.0 Ladies Winter Thursday Clinics .. visit HERE 
  • 3.0/3.5 Ladies Winter Friday Clinics .. visit HERE 
  • 3.0/3.5 Ladies Winter Wednesday Clinics -- visit HERE  
  • 4.0/4.5 Adult Winter Saturday Cardio/Drills .. visit HERE 

All questions should be referred to Michel Haddad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Important Reminder:  If there is a slight hesitation to whether Lochmere Clinics will be held, please do not hesitate to call the Tennis Office at  (919)859-2408.  Notices will also be posted on the home page of lochmere.org and posted on Twitter.

Reasons for Lochmere Tennis Clinics to be cancelled are as follows:

  • High wind speeds.
  • Low temperatures.
  • Extreme high temperatures.
  • Rain or wet courts.
  • Snow.