Yoga is about tuning into your body and breath, listening with awareness to what your body needs.  Classes will typically start with a short breathing and meditation practice, and end with relaxation and restorative stretches.  Classes build upon standing poses and some vinyasa flow to build strength, flexibility and balance.

Classes are appropriate for all levels of yoga experience and fitness level.  Instructors will guide you through each posture and offer modification of poses that may be more challenging than others. 

 Monday Evening Yoga  With

Bonnye/Mary Kay/Dori

Evening Yoga Class with Bonnye Hur are held on Mondays from 5:30 PM  to 6:30 PM in the Highlands Clubhouse (200 Loch Highlands Drive).  Classes are complimentary for Lochmere residents 18 and over.  No guests are allowed.

 Wednesday Morning Yoga With Dori/Bonnye/Mary Kay

Lochmere hosts a  morning yoga class. Classes are held on Wednesdays at 9:30-10:30 AM.  Classes are held at the Highlands Clubhouse (200 Loch Highlands Drive).

At this time, you must register HERE.  No walk-ins are allowed.


 The following is the instructor schedule through the end of October: 

  • Monday, September 12 -- Mary Kay Lawson 
  • Wednesday, September 14 -- Mary Kay Lawson 
  • Monday, September 19 -- Dori McDarris
  • Wednesday, September 21-- Dori McDarris 
  • Monday, September 26 -- Bonnye Hur 
  • Wednesday, September 28 --  Bonnye Hur
  • Monday, October 3 --  Mary Kay Lawson
  • Wednesday, October 5 -- Mary Kay Lawson
  • Monday, October 10-- Bonnye Hur
  • Wednesday, October 12 -- Bonnye Hur
  • Monday, October 17 -- Dori McDarris
  • Wednesday, October 19 -- Dori McDarris
  • Monday, October 24 -- Mary Kay Lawson
  • Wednesday, October 26, Mary Kay Lawson

Please bring your own mats.