The pools are an HOA-owned amenity serving the social and recreational needs of all Lochmere residents.  The facilities are for the use of the residents and their guests.  All residents are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies set forth by the Recreation Club Committee and approved by the HOA Board of Directors. 

Homeowners must notify Lochmere Association in writing of any tenants who need access to the facilities. Emails should be directed to Andy Siouville, Lochmere's Community Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Please note that homeowners forfeit access to the facilities when they designate usage to their tenants.

Please read and become familiar with the following 4 guidelines for pool usage:

Pool Rules

Diving & Slide Rules

Pool Guest Rules

Inclement Weather Policy

        LAP POOL

The Lap Pool has four roped off lanes for swimming, water running or some form of Aquatic exercise. Three lanes are designated for Adults Only. One lane is a Junior (JR) lane. The JR lane is for non-adults ages 12-18 to swim laps. The Junior Lane is on the far right of the lap pool, closest to the shallow area.  The Junior Lane is also assigned to Lochmere Swim Instructors to teach swim lessons.  Juniors 11 and under must have an adult present with them (either at pool edge or in the water) when they are using the JR lane. If all 3 of the adult lanes are being used by adults and another adult needs a lane then the JR lane will become an adult lane.


Seating is not guaranteed during peak hours of operation, such as weekends in June and July. During peak times furniture usage may be restricted to adults. Residents are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own chairs to the pool. Furniture is not allowed in water and cannot be used to build forts.